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Should I just call my fursona a husky? 

4 deviants said I don't know, call her whatever you want to call her! She's your fursona. Who cares if it's accurate?
3 deviants said No, keep her as a wolfdog.
1 deviant said Why are you making a poll and not drawing artwork you owe right now? GET BACK TO WORK!!
No deviants said New Morningdew Ref. Sheet by wolfforce58
No deviants said No, she'd be something else.
No deviants said Malamute, maybe?
No deviants said Yeah, just call her a husky.

Who Made My Bits:

Ball Pit Furry Fun Time.GIF by wolfforce58

Morningdew Fursuit (head, paws, feet, body): Sharpe19

Tail: (I don't know...bought it at BLFC 2014 >.< )

Short-Haired Armsleeves: Megan Rathbun (… )

Poi Fursuit Gloves: TentacleLoveGoddess

Glowing Camo Collar:…

Bone Prop: (I don't remember...someone on Facebook...^^;)



Life Goals

*Pet A Wolf...or at least see one in person...
*Make Art That Doesn't Fail (maybe even commission-worthy?)
*Get A Pomeranian/Pom-Mix
*Go to Further Confusion
*Have A Full Fursuit of Morningdew
*Have A Pair of Arms Stilts
*Get A Career in Animal Control
*Have A House
*Get Married
*Have Property
*Grow My Own Food
*ONLY Buy Local Food or Self-Grown Food

Michael's Interview and Doggy Website

Tue Sep 30, 2014, 8:15 PM
Life Updates:
I had an interview yesterday for Michael's. If you want to have fun during an interview, apply to Michael's craft store. Seriously. You want to know how it went? I made a dog out of pipe cleaners and a popsicle stick, drew a dog and a cat, then preformed a skit with 3 other people. Yeah, that was the interview. I'm not kidding. I have no idea if I'll be chosen or not. I don't really's a minimum wage, seasonal, part-time job. But callbacks are Friday and they'll call whether you got the job or not, so we'll see. If I do get the job, I'll still be keeping my internship as long as possible. Not worth leaving for a potentially temporary job. But it'd be money...and Michael's employees can attend all of the classes they host for FREE! FREE!!! YES, YES, AND MORE YES! Also craft store. Why DOESN'T want to work in a craft store??

Drogo had his fixer-upper surgery today. That was almost $400. So, umm, yeah, please visit his page to donate:
(yeah, that's right, I finally finished his website...BOO YAH!) His surgery went well, according to the vet. He seems miserable. He's been sleeping since he got home (which, I have to admit, is very nice...I want to go see a movie or something and take advantage of his sedated state). But we've finally found a way to contain him. Put booties on his front paws (so he can't use them like little grabby hands), put a muzzle on him, put him inside his favorite crate, put that crate inside the new pen we got (that was made for goats), and put Gunner inside that pen so Drogo isn't alone. We tried this without the muzzle and he got out, but then we tried again with the muzzle and came back from work and he was still in there, safe and sound. So I think we FINALLY found the combo. Oh, and using sedative drugs. Those also help and were in that combo. So hopefully this time he heals properly! And quickly o-o The sooner he's healed, the better. Vet said he needs to lay low for 6 weeks. This is going to be a very tough month and a half...But more good news is that I've raised (and personally donated) a total of $745 for Drogo. That covers the cost of his first surgery, pills, and some of his other supplies he's required. Now to raise the money for the second surgery...o-O; So, yeah, just throwing out a reminder that I'll be your art slave if you donate...

I have my interview for animal control in about a week. I talked with one of the animal control officers who is a family friend. She gave me wonderful advice =) I now know I should definitely study my map of the county, and make sure I know everything there is to know about rabies. And consider how to fully answer scenario questions (always important to let them see your thought process, and answer it in a way that solves the immediate problem, as well as the future situation that may occur from the situation). She said she's sure I'll do fine. I hope so!! I REALLY want this job!

And Nui is coming over (she's currently on her way! =D ). She'll be here for a few days. SO EXCITED! I should probably get off the internet and go clean the house some more ^^; So messy! At least the room she'll be staying in is tidy, lol. Hopefully this will be super fun! She's such an awesome person.

Finally, I've decided what I want to be for Halloween this year.....I want to be...ROADKILL! lol I'm gonna see if I can make velcro things to stick onto my fursuit, and if that works give myself some fake blood, some tire tracks, if I'm feeling super-ambitious maybe I'll even make myself a roadkill tail! Maybe. Probably not because of faux fur. Unless I just use bones? Would need like goat bones or something first. But it's a thought, lol. If this doesn't work I dunno what I'll be. I want to get a chicken costume for anime conventions (to harass Link cosplayers, of course), so maybe I'll do that.

And now, I GO!

Wedding Funds Saved: $1,563/$5,000
To Do List:
Halloween Costume: Not Started
Big Doll->Faux Fursuit Partial: Not Started
"Rescue/Adopt/Foster" Bandannas: Not Started
Warriors Fan-Fic Comic: Started Page 3 (FOUND IT!!)
100 Themes Challenge:…

Stuff People Owe Me:
:iconskinnedwulf: -Coyote Mount (waiting for move to be completed first ,then wait my turn on the list)
:iconsharpe19:-Awd Bust Badge & Morningdew Full Body Badge (waiting for more info)
FurBuy Person-Awd Fursuit Head (9/28: sending fur samples for me to choose from)
FB Person-Handpaws (9/29: Shipped a second time, should arrive Monday)
FB Person-Head & Tail for Fundraisers (fur arrived 8/26; 9/29: busy with other commission)

People I Know In The Real World:
:heart::iconblackfirehawk: (Kadota or Kota):heart:
:iconlast-chance-child: (The Holy Pulp or My Clone)
:iconneelloc91: (Dr. Neelloc or Midget)
:iconboymeetsfish: (ex-roommate)
:iconkakashi663: (Tad)
:iconmiakalin: (Miaka)
:iconbrink-of-death: (Steph)
:iconvampiresdisaster: (Jenna)
:iconmidnight172: (Luna)
:iconthisnuisance: (Nui)
:iconzifog: (GB)
:icongreendayperson: (Brittany)

Find Me On:
:iconwolfforce58205:-My Fur Account

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wolfforce or Morningdew
United States
I'm a furry, I'm a canine "artist" and definitely an internet addict. I live in northern California and love that I do. Not much exciting about me...

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hey! whut up?
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Possibly...I'm not sure, lol. We got them for my dad and grandma last Christmas so there's a good chance it was me.
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YES!!! - It was you!! :winner: I just wanted to let you know, that even though I was interested in them before you mentioned it at xmas, it was your talking to me about them and your families reaction to them that got me doing more research, then got the husband interested, and as a result of all that, we got our own e-cigs on June 3rd, 2014 - & hubby and I have been 100% cigarette FREE since!!!!!! 3 months, No cheating or anything!! And I honest to god give you all the credit for that. :teamwork: You took the time to tell your community of watchers, and I am so grateful for it!

:headbang: So, THANK YOU!!!!! :worship:

wolfforce58 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014
Oh wow, that is so wonderful!! :hug: Congratulations to the both of you, that is nothing short of amazing! (cigarettes are HARD to quit!) I'm so glad that they have worked out for you both!
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