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Life Goals

*Pet A Wolf...or at least see one in person...
*Make Art That Doesn't Fail (maybe even commission-worthy?)
*Get A Pomeranian/Pom-Mix
*Go to Further Confusion
*Have A Full Fursuit of Morningdew
*Have A Pair of Arms Stilts
*Get A Career in Animal Control
*Or Work At A Pet Store
*Have A House
*Get Married
*Have Property
*Grow My Own Food
*ONLY Buy Local Food or Self-Grown Food

I Should Draw...

Mon Apr 21, 2014, 9:44 PM
Life Updates:
So we ordered turkeys. Went with Rio Grande wild turkeys. Finished taking care of cleaning the feeders/baby chick cages/seeding the run with grass seed. So, that's all fine and dandy...I hope the grass grows in okay. And soon. I can't wait for the baby turkeys, even if it just means more poop to clean, more responsibility to deal with, and more animals to find babysitters for when we leave the house.

Helped Clone move in on Friday and saw her new place. I think she has an awesome new apartment! It was nice to hang out, too. I'm definitely allergic to the plants in her area though in the spring time -_-; My dog is kinda messing with my allergies right now. Or at least I assume it's him. I dunno. Stupid allergies, I was doing so well! Also did the chicken transport on Saturday. Helped transport 30 hens...wouldn't have been so bad if I just didn't get stuck in an hour's worth of traffic. SO. SLOW. I hate traffic! It's not any better when you have stinky chickens in your car, pooping and laying/eating eggs and picking on each other 'cause they're crammed in little transport crates. MEH. It felt good to help though. I like being able to be helpful.

Easter was kinda nice. Kota and I rushed around trying to complete chores in the morning (mowed the lawn, took care of the plants that we unfortunately neglected for 2 days, played with the dog some, cleaned up dog poop, took out some trash, did a ton of dishes, cleaned up the house a little) before cleaning up and meeting with my family for an Easter linner. Dunno why we couldn't just do  brunch, but whatever. It was nice, then surprisingly we didn't have any plans for the evening so we spent some quality time just hanging out and relaxing and playing with Gunner more.

One thing happened though that irritates me. I don't like people who refuse to listen to why they shouldn't buy from backyard breeders. Apparently I will lose friends over this topic. So yeah, if any of you support anything that involves animal cruelty and contributing to the pet overpopulation/homelessness problem, I will call you out on it. Just so ya'll know. It sucks though to see someone you consider to be a friend pulling that kind of stunt. And it's annoying when you still care about them but they'd rather just ditch you than face the facts when you call them out on what they're trying to do/support. Ruffles my feathers, haha. Makes me want to educate more people about adopting/rescuing pets instead of buying from shoddy "breeders" (good breeders, yes, but people just looking for money or breeding because they think their pet is cute or breeding without a care about how the babies will turn out, etc, NO). I've also decided I've had it with people who are deceptive. If you're a liar or like keeping secrets, I just can't trust you. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's people you can't trust. I've reached a point in my life where I'm done with liars and people who like to hide a lot of things and talk shyte behind your back.

Kota might have a job opportunity, but it sounds like the pay won't make it worth bothering (won't cover the costs of getting to the job/finding a living situation). Sucks, 'cause it was looking really hopeful for him =/ The job I applied for had its listing closed yesterday, so now it's just time to wait and see if I come anywhere close to getting the job or not! Trying not to get my hopes up, just in case.

I need to stop starting drawings then abandoning them. I really want to make new characters. But I don't know what species. Kinda want to make another secondary fursona or something. Some character to represent myself. But...what would I even BE?

Wolf Item Collection Count: 194 items
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Espurr Costume: Materials Obtained
Warriors Fan-Fic Comic: Started Page 3 (can't figure out where I put it...)
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Stuff People Owe Me:
:iconskinnedwulf: -Coyote Mount (I'm on the list, now to wait my turn!)
:iconsharpe19: -Extra Faux Fur for Modifying Fursuit (status unknown)
:icontentaclelovegoddess: -Hand-Paws W/ Holes for Poi Spinning (working on, technical difficulties)

People I Know In The Real World:
:heart::iconblackfirehawk: (Kadota or Kota):heart:
:iconlast-chance-child: (The Holy Pulp or My Clone)
:iconneelloc91: (Dr. Neelloc or Midget)
:iconboymeetsfish: (ex-roommate)
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:iconbrink-of-death: (Steph)
:iconvampiresdisaster: (Jenna)
:iconmidnight172: (Luna)
:iconthisnuisance: ( nickname that I know I can use online yet, lol)
:iconzifog: (GB)
:icongreendayperson: (Brittany)

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wolfforce or Morningdew
United States
I'm a furry, I'm a canine "artist" and definitely an internet addict. I live in northern California and love that I do. Not much exciting about me...

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Thanx for the watch ^^
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Merry Christmas hun! :D
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Hey, Merry Christmas! =D It has been a while ^^; Sorry about that. Hope you're having a wonderful holiday and have an excellent new year! ^_^
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thanks! And yeah, its okay XD
I had a great new years!
How about you?
My new years was pretty alright. Just hung out with my fiance and ex-roommate who was in town and staying with us, haha. Then went to work the next day only to find out we had the day off >.< lol You do anything fun/interesting?
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