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To-Do List (in order of priority)

*Fox Art Swap
*"Rescue/Adopt/Foster" Bandannas
*New DA ID
*Warriors Fan-Fic Comic
*100 Themes Challenge:…

Owed List

Things I Owe Others:
Facebook Person-Dreamcatcher Trade: Finished, Pics Sent, Need to Ship

Fox Swap for Group Event-Sketched

Things Others Owe Me:
:iconsharpe19: -Morningdew & Awd Badges (finished, needs to upload/send)
:iconadarkernemisis: -Pelt (paid, sending when able to) [received message 1/17]
:iconmuddy-coyote: -Coyote Mount (started? noted as 25% done)
:iconzhon: -Gray Fox Mount (12/1: form worked with, waiting for eyes to come in the mail)
:iconcreatureundertaker: -Marble Fox Mount (1/9: waiting for foxes from supplier, then I'll need to choose a new one to start over with)
FurBuy Person-Awd Fursuit Head (1/13: needs to order new nose)
Facebook Person-Head & Tail for Fundraisers (1/12: base worked with more, been testing furring techniques with different head, working on my head more this week)

My friend is open for cute and rather cheap commissions (I think she could charge more, anyhow): 

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People I Know IRL

:heart::iconblackfirehawk: (Kadota or Kota):heart:
:iconlast-chance-child: (The Holy Pulp or Clone)
:iconneelloc91: (Dr. Neelloc or Midget)
:iconboymeetsfish: (ex-roommate)
:iconkakashi663: (Tad)
:iconmiakalin: (Miaka)
:iconbrink-of-death: (Steph)
:iconvampiresdisaster: (Jenna)
:iconmidnight172: (Luna)
:iconthisnuisance: (Nui)
:iconzifog: (GB)
:icongreendayperson: (Brittany)

Who Made My Bits:

The New Dew by wolfforce58

Morningdew Fursuit (head, clawed paws, indoor and outdoor feet, body, straight tail): Sharpe19

Curled Tail: (I don't know...bought it at BLFC 2014 >.< )

Short-Haired Armsleeves: Megan Rathbun (… )

Poi Fursuit Gloves: TentacleLoveGoddess

Claw-less Higher Wrist Fursuit Gloves:…

Glowing Camo Collar:…

Bone Prop: (I don't remember...someone on Facebook...^^;)

Skunk Fursuit Head: Sarah-cat

Black Canine Fursuit Head (E'ah):…

Black Feetpaws: (Dunno, auction seller on FurBuy never told me when I asked -_-' )

Black Handpaws:…

Tail Harness:

Light Blue Full Body Harness:…

Life Goals

*Pet A Wolf...or at least see one in person...
*Get A Pomeranian/Pom-Mix
*Go to Further Confusion
*Have A Full Fursuit of Morningdew
*Have A Quadruped Fursuit w/ Arm Stilts
*Get A Career in Animal Control
*Have A House
*Get Married (Wedding Funds Saved: $2,232/$5,000)
*Have Property
*Grow/Raise Most of My Own Food
*ONLY Buy Local Food or Self-Grown Food

That Awkward Spot Between Waiting and Content

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 24, 2015, 3:18 AM

Life Updates:
Reminder: still selling things. Look here: Selling Things: Please Look!

Last week went by slowly...but I got to go out exploring like I wanted to. It was nice, went to one of my favorite spots on my favorite river. Just went in whatever direction felt right (including straight through areas I KNOW are filled with now-leafless poison oak, ticks or itches though, so all is well!). I pet the moss, appreciated the sights, and even meditated at one of my favorite spots by a little hidden 'waterfall'. It was weird though, I felt kind of torn out of the meditation (which I'm getting better at!). Kept getting this overwhelming feeling of "you're not safe here need to leave" and I felt like I could see something through my eyelids moving in front of me quickly, like an animal running by. Nothing was there though...there weren't even leaves or branches that could have been swishing to give me that illusion. Weird. Left the river feeling nice and peaceful. Still felt lonely though.

But Kota came back a day earlier than I thought he would =) That was a nice surprise! Came back sick though. Just a sore throat so far, but still seems to be hurting him a lot any time he has to be loud or sneezes/coughs =( He's getting up phloem at least so I'm assuming that's a good sign? Hopefully he's getting crud out of his system. In the meantime he's been treating himself to honey, gargling with salt water, and even forcing down garlic-water to help his throat. Hope I don't catch it (sounds like his mom also got sick just after he left his parent's place).

I've packed up the house more and gave the crafting/guest room a desperately needed organizing. The office looks bare now, especially now that Kota disassembled his desk, and the craft room is slowly becoming more bins than displays of stuff (it's especially weird having all of my bones, pelts, and even taxidermy mounts put away in bins). Don't even know when we'll be moving or if we'll get the jobs we applied for, lol. I'd rather have stuff packed than have to do it all at once though. It's nice having empty space, too. Feels better.

Been in a drawing mood, but haven't finished my drawing for the fox swap yet =/ Finished other things I owe at least. Also got my info to my background investigator (I think I got everything? I'll find out when he gets it).  Talked on the phone with him again yesterday and he said I have like a 90% chance of getting the job. He thinks they're going to hire me, but he said he can't guarantee anything since it's obviously not his position to decide. He said he'd hire me if it was up to him, lol. So yeah...still no time frame on when I'll find out though. I'm the first applicant they've done the background checks on, and he said they'll be starting another lady's background file next week. After her they'll need to go through 2-3 more people. Ugh. Hate waiting! Oh well, I'm not exactly ready to move yet either though.

So yeah. Life and stuff. I feel a bit lost in it lately.

This weekend I get a 4 day weekend though. Took Monday off because it's Kota's and my 7 year dating anniversary (yes, as in the anniversary of the day we started dating). At least we're pretty sure it's 7 years. We both kind of lost track XD Oh well as long as we both do so one of us doesn't get mad at the other, right? Nothing special planned. Gonna go exploring this weekend...okay I guess that's special since we rarely do that anymore. Gonna go to the Foresthill Bridge area and check out the trails out there =) There's a TON of them so I'm sure we'll find one we want to go on, haha. Also gonna finally get to check out the only butcher shop I know of (and they sell exotic meats, like snake or alligator...or so I'm told!). Gonna buy some MEAT, YEAH! lol I want raw meat so badly...

Also yes, I suck at keeping my message center updated lately. Sorry guys if I'm replying to comments and such really late. Just not getting on my computer as much as I used to (which is a good thing!!!) and too lazy to bother with texting replies on my phone. I always make typos. It's a pain in my butt.

Hope everyone else has a lovely weekend!

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wolfforce or Morningdew
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I'm a furry, I'm a canine "artist" and definitely an internet addict. I live in northern California and love that I do. Not much exciting about me...

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coldfang22 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2014   General Artist
Thank you so much for the secret Santa!
wolfforce58 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2014
Hope you enjoy it! ^_^
coldfang22 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2014   General Artist
I already finished the scrapefoil, it was sooooooo cool!
wolfforce58 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2014
Oh wow! Bet it turned out awesome! =D
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bonus41 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
AHHHH I just got your secret santa thank you SO SO SO much I love it!
wolfforce58 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014
^_^ Glad you like it! =D
JamJams Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your webcam is fun to watch!
wolfforce58 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2014
Wow, totally been bad about checking my messages....but thank you! ^_^
Drakyris Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hhhhhhhnng, your package arrived today! I'm so happy holy shet, congratulations you made me smile like an idiot. I now know that... TWINKIES TASTE LIKE HEAVEN. <333 I love them, they taste like awesomeness and 'MURICA. I will have 1 per day, so they will last me a week of sweet twinkie bliss. :meow: And the card really cheered me up, I was having a bad day. The drawing of Drakyris is amazing, I love it so much. I'm gonna keep it safe forever, and look at it when I need cheering up. :love: 
Oh and the calender is actually nice and really useful too. I needed one, and I like how it has animals and bears. ;w; <3  

I started drawing your characters a while ago, just need to finish them. I will do more though, because you're a babe and you deserve it. :D
wolfforce58 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014
Haha, aww now I wish I sent you more Twinkies! XD I'm glad you like 'em though (lots of people don't). And I'm happy to hear that the package cheered you up ^_^ (Success! Lol!)

And knowing the package made you happy is a gift in itself =) Though I always promote paying good things forward! You're already paying me back with artwork, that's a big gift itself! ^_^
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