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Should I just call my fursona a husky? 

4 deviants said I don't know, call her whatever you want to call her! She's your fursona. Who cares if it's accurate?
2 deviants said No, keep her as a wolfdog.
1 deviant said Why are you making a poll and not drawing artwork you owe right now? GET BACK TO WORK!!
No deviants said New Morningdew Ref. Sheet by wolfforce58
No deviants said No, she'd be something else.
No deviants said Malamute, maybe?
No deviants said Yeah, just call her a husky.

Who Made My Bits:

Ball Pit Furry Fun Time.GIF by wolfforce58

Morningdew Fursuit (head, paws, feet, body): Sharpe19

Tail: (I don't know...bought it at BLFC 2014 >.< )

Short-Haired Armsleeves: Megan Rathbun (… )

Poi Fursuit Gloves: TentacleLoveGoddess

Glowing Camo Collar:…

Bone Prop: (I don't remember...someone on Facebook...^^;)



Life Goals

*Pet A Wolf...or at least see one in person...
*Make Art That Doesn't Fail (maybe even commission-worthy?)
*Get A Pomeranian/Pom-Mix
*Go to Further Confusion
*Have A Full Fursuit of Morningdew
*Have A Pair of Arms Stilts
*Get A Career in Animal Control
*Have A House
*Get Married
*Have Property
*Grow My Own Food
*ONLY Buy Local Food or Self-Grown Food

Can I Move Forward in Time?

Mon Sep 22, 2014, 7:23 PM
Life Updates:
Life can start getting better now, please. Drogo is worrying me. With his cone on, he managed to escape the dog run by completely tearing off one of the wire panels of the fence. Our friend's German shepherd, who is notorious for escaping, couldn't even manage to do that (he only ripped off one corner). And Drogo did it with a cone on and an injured leg. We went out to get pizza, and came back to see him laying in the grass chewing on a stick. You have no idea how grateful I am that he didn't just run off!! (knowing him, he'd be hit by a car and that would be that) Before this we had tried keeping him in the bathroom with his muzzle and a diaper on. Well, that didn't work either...he managed to get his muzzle and diaper off, raid a cabinet (didn't eat anything, thank goodness!!), piss all over the floor, RIP OFF one side of the door frame, then get himself into the shower and turn it on. All in 20 minutes, maybe less. We're not taking any more chances with him, no matter how good he seems to be behaving. Muzzle tied as tight as we can safely have it, ecollar taped so he CANNOT take it off, in his crate, on drugs, inside the dog run, with Gunner also in the run (the risk there is that if he gets out for sure they will play and he'll injure his leg, but the plus side is he won't get lonely and try to escape). I cannot wait for his leg to heal, this is just so much work to try to do the seemingly-impossible and keep him calm and resting. His knee is swollen now and I'm worried he completely screwed up the surgery. The vet said they'll check it when he gets the staples removed...I don't want to wait that long. I feel like the worst foster parent EVER. For him to have escaped this much I am not doing my job. We've been too worried to leave him alone. Just...UGH. DOG. He's such a sweetheart, but my lord can he be a handful! I wish he was healed up so we could treat him like normal again!

We had our garage sale Friday and Saturday. On Saturday we had a group of people (2 cars worth) come and pick out a bunch of things, then offer bare minimum for it. That really irked me. We let it slide because we want to get rid of this stuff anyhow, but it made me regret not just putting some stuff up online like on eBay or something (like they wanted to give me $1 for a really nice, practically brand new hat that I know cost me at least $30...then put up a fight when I said, "At least make it $3"...I should have just told them $20 and if they didn't want it then tough titties). But what made me more upset was afterward when I was straightening things back up that they moved out of order I found out they flat-out took things. The things they took were small and from the "Make an Offer" box (the things they took actually DID have price tags on them though...I know, I put them on and remember seeing them still on that morning). I don't care so much about the things they took or the money we would have gotten from it, but it's the thought of the matter that bothers me. They even asked me, "Are the things in this box free?" and I told them, "No, they are not, it's 'make an offer' so bring whatever you want over and we'll figure out a price." Some people! Saturday the smoke started getting bad, too, and by the end of the day I was feeling terrible and Kota was even feeling a bit sick. Sunday we decided to call off the garage sale because it started raining (YAY RAIN!) and it was even more smoky out somehow. Going to try again next weekend, though I doubt the smoke will be gone by then.

Today the smoke was pretty bad. I ended up leaving early from work because of how sick it was making me. I still feel really crummy (light headed, barfy, chest hurts...). Some government website says the air quality is "very unhealthy" where my work is (which is the top rating on the scale...very unhealthy classifies as anything above a 154 or something like that, and the air quality in town was rated over 400), and "unhealthy" in both the towns that our house is between. What kills me is when I was driving home I could see people smoking in their cars. REALLY? YOU NEED MORE SMOKE IN YOUR LUNGS RIGHT NOW?? Sorry smokers, I just don't understand. I feel like I'm dying, I just can't fathom why someone would purposefully put smoke in their lungs. The smoke is from the King Fire which last I checked is only 18% contained ;__; 87,592 acres burned (well, more now, I'm sure). I can't wait for this fire to be out. I can't believe some a-hole STARTED this fire! ON PURPOSE. Pardon my language, but what a dick!! I wish part of his punishment was having to go to every person who lost a house or other building in this fire and apologize to them, as well as every fire fighter, family who had to evacuate, and anyone suffering medically from the fire/smoke. Just so he could see how many people he's affected by this, and have to look them in the eye and tell them that it's entirely his fault. I don't understand arsonists. We're in a serious drought, our state is basically a burn pile, and this guy has the gall to start a fire. Meh!

So yeah, I was going to do a bunch of things after work, but I ended up falling asleep. Yesterday something on the top of our well broke and was spraying water all over the driveway. We had to turn our water off, and were without water for half the day (figures, Kota and I both very badly needed showers, too...hadn't showered for a couple of days 'cause we were just too busy and tired). A guy came out and fixed it this morning, thank goodness. It sucks being without water, I am such a product of being a spoiled American (it's easy to forget how much you use water every day...flushing a toilet, drinking water, water for cooking, for cleaning dishes, washing your hands, watering your pets and plants, cleaning other things, even for arts and crafts and so much more). Turns out it's a good thing the guy came out when he did...there was one rubber piece that was hanging on by a thread, and if that had fallen in the well they would have had to use a crane and it would have cost a LOT more money and taken a lot more time to fix. The guy also updated some things on our well so now it should last longer (also apparently there was a hole that the previous person who worked on the well used a screw to fill, so the guy said we've been drinking rusty screw water....awesome....glad we use water filters in the house, which the guy also told us that our water filter for the well is currently turned off. So, that's a thing...not gonna have it back on though).

And I've been a ball of emotion -_- Kota and I rented movies...renting The Fault is in Our Stars was a terrible decision. My heart was aching so badly after watching it, I'm glad we followed it up with Monsters University (still was in a slump all evening though). Emotions are yo-yoing all over the place, but keep reverting back to feeling sad. I want to get out and explore, that usually makes me feel better, but now with the smoke I don't want to do so much as leave the house to take care of my garden and pets. Ugggggh. At least I have a few crafts to work on.

Wedding Funds Saved: $1,563/$5,000
To Do List:
Simple Coyote Thing for Store: Barely Started
Big Doll->Faux Fursuit Partial: Not Started
"Rescue/Adopt/Foster" Bandannas: Not Started
Warriors Fan-Fic Comic: Started Page 3 (FOUND IT!!)
100 Themes Challenge:…

Stuff People Owe Me:
:iconskinnedwulf: -Coyote Mount (waiting for move to be completed first ,then wait my turn on the list)
:iconsharpe19:-Awd Bust Badge & Morningdew Full Body Badge (status unknown)
FurBuy Person-Awd Fursuit Head (fur back-ordered, other parts on their way)
FB Person-Handpaws (shipped "late last week")
FB Person-Head & Tail for Fundraisers (fur arrived 8/26)

People I Know In The Real World:
:heart::iconblackfirehawk: (Kadota or Kota):heart:
:iconlast-chance-child: (The Holy Pulp or My Clone)
:iconneelloc91: (Dr. Neelloc or Midget)
:iconboymeetsfish: (ex-roommate)
:iconkakashi663: (Tad)
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:icongreendayperson: (Brittany)

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I'm a furry, I'm a canine "artist" and definitely an internet addict. I live in northern California and love that I do. Not much exciting about me...

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AtFirstPlush Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014  Professional General Artist
Was it you who talked to me about E-cigarettes last x-mas?
wolfforce58 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014
Possibly...I'm not sure, lol. We got them for my dad and grandma last Christmas so there's a good chance it was me.
AtFirstPlush Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014  Professional General Artist
YES!!! - It was you!! :winner: I just wanted to let you know, that even though I was interested in them before you mentioned it at xmas, it was your talking to me about them and your families reaction to them that got me doing more research, then got the husband interested, and as a result of all that, we got our own e-cigs on June 3rd, 2014 - & hubby and I have been 100% cigarette FREE since!!!!!! 3 months, No cheating or anything!! And I honest to god give you all the credit for that. :teamwork: You took the time to tell your community of watchers, and I am so grateful for it!

:headbang: So, THANK YOU!!!!! :worship:

wolfforce58 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014
Oh wow, that is so wonderful!! :hug: Congratulations to the both of you, that is nothing short of amazing! (cigarettes are HARD to quit!) I'm so glad that they have worked out for you both!
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