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Welcome to My Page

Welcome! My name is wolfforce58, but you can just call me wolfforce. I'm a 24 year old Californian girl who enjoys art, and occasionally makes crude attempts at creating it. If you couldn't guess, I'm also a furry, so expect lots of animals and anthros in my gallery. I also occasionally try to make crafts, take half-decent pictures, and make cosplays or other silly outfits. Any-who, feel free to browse around my page!

If you're into the dearly deceased, you can also check out my other account, WolfForce58205. This is my main account, but I don't post 'dead animal' pictures here, so don't worry about any of that!

You can also find me on FurAffinity, but I'm more active here on DA. Occasionally I might also make videos for my Youtube channel.

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Fashion Show and Other Stuff

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 4, 2015, 11:38 AM

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Yesterday was the pet fashion show we had Gunner entered in. He didn't win anything (aww!), but every dog who entered got treats (and he got extra because someone else's dog didn't like them, lol) and lots of people thought he was cute. Poor boy though...I was the one who walked him on stage, while my fiance and roommate went inside to watch the show (we had to stand outside and come in when announced)...and he freaked out. He thought they were going to the store and leaving him behind. He HATES it when that happens, and if his people leave for too long he assumes that they've abandoned him (as if we've ever done that -_- ) or that something happened to them. He was pulling me really hard on the leash (DARNIT DOG, I WAS WEARING HEELS!!), and shaking, and whining, and a nervous wreck. But as soon as we got off the stage and headed outside my roommate followed us out (my fiance was still recording the event so I could watch later) and once Gunner saw her he literally ran to her and plowed her over, he was so relieved to see her. Did the same thing to Kota when he finally came out. I really, REALLY need to work with this dog's separation problems. It's so hard because it requires so much conditioning and training and such v_v I'm really, REALLY not good at separation anxiety training. I'm just not patient enough for it. But my baby needs it badly. So yeah, fashion show was nice...saw my ex-coworkers and some adoption center volunteers, got to chat with a couple of them for a bit, and got to pet some really cute doggies ^_^ There was also food. I think I'd like to avoid future fundraising events though...they're just as boring and awkward as I remember them being when my parents dragged me along when I was a kid.

Last night (or really early morning) we had a great thunderstorm with pouring rain and the works =) Yay rain!

And on Tuesday I get to leave town again. Got another interview for a different job on Wednesday, this time over in Nevada. I think it's just a basic desk job? Not quite sure. But the interview is at the Nevada Welfare Division building, so I can assume I'd be working for them if I get that job. I sent my resume to someone who works in HR for the state of Nevada, and she said she was going to put my resume out there for whatever sectors needed extra help. I think my position title would be Clerical Training (which I was told would be $12/hr starting pay and full time and I could advance in position from there...but I'm not 100% sure). So job #2, hope the interview goes well! One thing that would be nice about this job compared to the animal shelter job I just did the oral exam for is that this one would be near where my fiance plans on working so we could actually live together once we both get the funds.

So yup, glad I've got these job opportunities going for me. Hopefully I won't have to live with my parents for long, and when I do I can at least have the, "Hey I just did two different interviews and am doing well." thing going for me if they get on my case about getting a job. My mom doesn't even want me to really move in...she wants her house to stay all nice just the way she has it and doesn't want my stuff making it "ugly". Heaven forbid I bring my snake tank and have a couple boxes of things like clothes. I don't get her...she wants me to move back in, but she also doesn't.

I really hope I get this Nevada job. There's a really nice apartment I'm looking at over there and, if Kota gets that job next year and we both work full time for the wages we were told we'd start at, we'd finally have financial independence and be FREE ( free as someone who has to pay all their own bills can be XD ). I'd appreciate positive vibes in the meantime =)

But for now, MORE CAR PACKING!! Then maybe some drawing (...need to make some ref sheets for my characters, lol).


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Glad it all made it safely! =D haha That's awesome that you guys are enjoying everything ^_^ That's also funny that you're going to wear that pendant XD I couldn't help myself and decided last minute to go ahead and throw it in with the rest of the beads.
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