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To-Do List (in order of priority)

*Free Drawings List
*"Rescue/Adopt/Foster" Bandannas
*New DA ID
*Warriors Fan-Fic Comic
*100 Themes Challenge:…

Owed List

Things I Owe Others:
Free Drawings List

Things Others Owe Me:
:iconsharpe19: -Morningdew & Awd Badges (finished, needs to upload/send)
:iconadarkernemisis: -2 Pelts (paid, sending when able to) [shipped 1/16...?]
:iconmuddy-coyote: -Coyote Mount (2/18: form worked on, waiting to settle more before rehydrating pelt)
:iconzhon: -Gray Fox Mount (12/1: form worked with, waiting for eyes to come in the mail)
:iconcreatureundertaker: -Marble Fox Mount (1/9: waiting for foxes from supplier, then I'll need to choose a new one to start over with)
FurBuy Person-Awd Fursuit Head (2/6: just needs final airbrushing)
Facebook Person-Head & Tail for Fundraisers (2/22: ready to begin fur pattern, pics sent)

Free Art Slots List:

For more information, please visit my journal:…

Priority goes to people who have given me their addresses. After that, it's on a "what I feel like drawing" basis.

6) :iconlyrak:-Any of her OC's [Sent 2/27]
7) :iconraua:-Winged wolf looking down on a mouse [Sent 2/27]
8) :iconfrontierfurs:-Willie Werewolf (refs:…… ) [Sent 2/27]
9) :iconcarbon-vanilla:-Strain (refs:…… ) [Sent 2/28]
10) :iconmellow-mutt:-Either Asteroid or Raven (refs: ) [Sketched]
11) :iconjacqueline-victoria: -A cute Pokemon & Pokeball [Waiting for Name; Not Started]

How do you deal with poison oak/ivy? 

13 deviants said Never had a rash from it!
2 deviants said I am terrible about scratching!
1 deviant said My skin reacts very badly with it.
No deviants said I am pro at not scratching or anything.
No deviants said It always goes away quickly for me.
No deviants said I guess I'm moderate about it?
No deviants said Other

People I Know IRL

:heart::iconblackfirehawk: (Kadota or Kota):heart:
:iconlast-chance-child: (The Holy Pulp or Clone)
:iconneelloc91: (Dr. Neelloc or Midget)
:iconboymeetsfish: (ex-roommate)
:iconkakashi663: (Tad)
:iconmiakalin: (Miaka)
:iconbrink-of-death: (Steph)
:iconvampiresdisaster: (Jenna)
:iconmidnight172: (Luna)
:iconthisnuisance: (Nui)
:iconzifog: (GB)
:icongreendayperson: (Brittany)

Who Made My Bits:

The New Dew by wolfforce58

Morningdew Fursuit (head, clawed paws, indoor and outdoor feet, body): Sharpe19

Curled Tail: (I don't know...bought it at BLFC 2014 >.< )

Short-Haired Armsleeves: Megan Rathbun (… )

Poi Fursuit Gloves: TentacleLoveGoddess

Claw-less Higher Wrist Fursuit Gloves:…

Glowing Camo Collar:…

Bone Prop: (I don't remember...someone on Facebook...^^;)

Skunk Fursuit Head: Sarah-cat

Black Canine Fursuit Head (E'ah):…

Black Handpaws:…

Tail Harness:

Light Blue Full Body Harness:…

Life Goals

*Pet A Wolf...or at least see one in person...
*Get A Pomeranian/Pom-Mix
*Go to Further Confusion
*Have A Full Fursuit of Morningdew
*Have A Quadruped Fursuit w/ Arm Stilts
*Get A Career in Animal Control
*Have A House
*Get Married (Wedding Funds Saved: $2,232/$5,000)
*Have Property
*Grow/Raise Most of My Own Food
*ONLY Buy Local Food or Self-Grown Food

It's Hard to Find Scissors When You Packed Them

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 3, 2015, 2:45 AM

Life Updates:
House is looking bare. All of our "extra" furniture has been given away, and things have been donated that I couldn't sell off. I've been making sure my co-worker knows how to handle everything I normally do at my job (and updating the "what I do and how I do it" binder I made for when I'm gone). I've been changing my address on websites and with the post office. Tomorrow I'm getting the pet's vet records from the vet. The moving truck has been reserved. I've got my clothes laid out on my dresser for the remainder of my life here in this house. And my fiance and I feel absolutely stressed and are convinced there's more to pack that we're somehow missing XD

I still have 2 pictures to finish drawing. Hopefully I'll finish tomorrow?? One is sketched at least. I keep getting busy. When I'm not busy, I'm tired =/ I'm on a really bad sleeping schedule right now where I come home from work, nap, then stay up 'till like 3AM either laying in bed trying to sleep or finding things to pack/clean around the house. I know I NEED to get those done before I move though! NO EXCUSES!

And there's been lots of drama with my family lately.

Of course there's some stress that comes with moving and planning all of that (made especially hard by the fact that I seem to be the only one willing to write down dates/times, so I'm constantly being asked what is happening when and having to sort out conflicting schedules...-_- ).

Then my mom is just in hysterics still about her sister. I want to believe that in the end visiting her twin will give her peace of mind, but right now she's just upset after seeing how bad her sister really is. I mean, who wouldn't be, right? Her sister can hardly even sit upright anymore, and is often in pain. I try to be there for my mom and just give her hugs and listen to her and try to reassure her when she needs it, but she just needs to weather this one out and go through the grieving process. Still, it's hard to watch. Hate seeing my mom so upset.

And to top if off some guy is going after my dad right now. I don't know all of what happened, but according to my parents this guy harasses other members of their neighborhood board (which my dad is on) and basically just stirs the pot constantly. Also there was something about him trying to bring cocaine to my parent's house once?? Parents refuse to give more details on that (other than, "We told him to leave, immediately"). This guy is saying that my dad is out to get him and is making it sound like my dad is running a neighborhood Maffia against him, oh, and saying that my dad might hire a hit man against his wife?! Yeaaaah no. I don't know what the hell is going on, but I do know it's just more of a burden on my parents. The guy was originally trying to get a restraining order, which the court denied, and my parent's lawyer says this guy is most likely trying to find a way to sue them for money. The sad thing is, that wouldn't be the first time it happened (little miss "You broke my finger by making my boat tip even though MY eye witnesses said you never made my sail boat tip, you also caused my chronic illnesses that my doctor has records of before I ever knew you existed, you caused me to have night terrors because I keep thinking of running over your children with my boat -that you totally tipped over anyway- even though I didn't even come within 30+ feet of them and you passed me by before it would have even become a concern, and you caused my marriage to end!"...yeah...that was fun). It sounds like really it is all coming from my parents being too open when they drink in public. That's what the guy's statement makes it sound like, at least. I don't know if he's telling the truth or not (and considering he thinks my dad is going to hire a freaking hit man on his wife, or just go over and shoot her, I'm doubting this guy's words...if you knew my dad, you'd know why I say that), but I could see my parents making gestures or talking too loud/close to someone if they've had too much to drink. I think when I see my parents later this week I'll recommend that they limit their drinking...I love them and don't want to see them get in trouble. I'm sure they'll brush me off, but I'll try. It really wouldn't kill them to drink less. I'm sure right now drinking really isn't helping my mom either, considering she's basically in mourning over her sister. She needs a healthier outlet than developing an alcohol dependency.

So yup, life has be worse. I keep getting stress-spells where I think about moving and work myself up unnecessarily. Also opening my eyes to the reality that after my first day of work Kota and I will go back to living away from each other (he's agreed to stay with me until I start my job, to help me move in and adjust to my new place and hear about my first day at work...err...orientation...which I'm really grateful for!!!). Kota's been stressed too between moving and him worrying about getting that job with GE then tomorrow ( he's going down to his old college to show off his demo reel and resume to Riot, one of his favorite companies. I think we're just kind of fueling each other's stress a little. But on the bright side we're both FINALLY done being sick so I was able to kiss him for the first time in a freaking month. I missed kissing. And we can hug/cuddle without fear of irritating each others poison oak rashes, because those are gone now too. Kisses and hugs and cuddles are great ways to relieve stress XD Glad that all of that cleared up when it did so we can enjoy our last days living together.

Also finally seeing my lady-doctor on Wednesday so I can ask questions like, "Why are my boobs almost always so sore that giving hugs hurts?" and "Can you PLEASE change my prescription like I asked before my pills run out?!" (seriously, why put me on the generic when I asked for the brand name because it didn't give me the problems the generic brand did AND my insurance doesn't cover either one anyway so I have to pay out of pocket for both, and have told you I'm fine with doing so? I need to go through a provider that accepts the teal card again...) Ugh. Being a woman, amirite ladies?

On the plus side, it was rainy today and yesterday. I hate being wet, but MAN is it nice to see some rain! (there was even a touch of snow on Sunday on some parts of our road!! AND THUNDER AND LIGHTNING! ALL THE AWESOME WEATHER!!)

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