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September 29, 2008
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Sep 29, 2008, 8:17:26 PM
Dream Catchers by wolfforce58 Dream Catchers by wolfforce58
Full View is Loved for These!

Here's the two dream catchers I've made. I want to make an "elemental" set (just the 4 basic elements). So here's Earth and Fire.

The first on the left (and first dream catcher I've ever made, EVER) is an Earth one. The frame is made of a willow branch (thus this is VERY fragile, and that's why it doesn't have a perfectly circular shape), and is wrapped in green with green beads. The two feathers are mallard duck, I believe. That or Canadian goose...I dunno, I got them from near my house. There's also a clear I think glass thingy that I thought was neat and reminded me of a leaf at the bottom middle (the shiny thing) replacing a feather, proceeded by a string of odd green beads, lol. I'm not so proud of this one. The twine is way too loose, so it's not so appealing. But, err, let's just pretend it's to go with the natural pull of the earth's gravity, to let nature make the beauty....or something like that, lol. I like the little leaf beads though, and how easily these feathers went on.

The one on the right, of course, is the second dream catcher I've made and is fire. I like the quality of this one much much more. It's got a metal ring for the frame, so it's durable and could stand me tugging on it a lot to wrap everything nice and tight ^_^ It's got some neat cats eye beads (one small, the rest medium sized) on it, and these weird red plastic beads. It's also got what I think are dyed chicken feathers :shrug: I have no idea, I got them from some artsy weird thing, and kinda ripped them off of it, haha. These feathers don't look as nice how I did 'em, but they were a pain in the butt! But on a side note, I did the twine on this one much tighter so it's way better in that aspect. In the middle there's another plastic bead and another glass thingamaboby. My brother says it's corny, but ya know what, I like it!


Next I'll prolly do Wind. Do you guys like these? Could I make monies off of 'em? Sorry for the picture quality: I am NOT a photographer!

Supplies: Ring, Willow Branch, Beads, Dyed Leather, Twine, & Feathers.
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Very nice work, you could definitely sell these :)

Wish I knew how to do stuff like this...
Thank you very much!

Lol, and it's actually not that hard. I just Google searched "how to make a dream catcher" and learned from some site, lol (gotta love the internet!).
I'll have to try that sometime, thanks :)
Haha, my only advise is to keep the cord you're using for the web tight. My first dream catcher I didn't know that and it's kinda..bleh, lol.
Twilightwind Mar 6, 2009  Student Writer
They are beautiful! I love the glass thingies on both of thems! Where did you get the glass thingy on the earth one? It has such a unique shape....and I love the way the twine looks on the fire one. It's so intricate. Good job!

YES SELL THEMS!!! they are so pretty.....I mean keep the good ones and sell the bad ones lol
Thank you! I got all of the stuffs (well, not the feathers or the willow branch for the earth one's frame) from a craft store...umm...Ben Franklins I believe. ^_^

Lol, I'd probably sell all the ones I make (if I'd just make lazy...) if people would buy Unless they were really if I ever made that skunk skull one (otherwise it'd cost a ton, lol).
Twilightwind Mar 7, 2009  Student Writer
oh i sees. We no have that crafts store. The only ones we have are hobby lobby and micheal's.

I'd buy one but i have no monies...v.v you should do like custom order but make it cost a lots.
Ah...Michael's is pretty good too though. I luff Ben Franklins, haha, it's closer.

Haha, I'm actually really, really tempted to just make you one. I'm making one for someone else right now, they just sent me tons of stuffs to use on theirs and other dream catchers. If you have an idea of what you'd like, I'd totally make one for you; especially if you had any charms or anything you'd want to send over to be on it. I wanna do custom order ones...but then I'd need a definite list of things I can and can't put on them, lol.
Twilightwind Mar 7, 2009  Student Writer
lol all hobby stores are so expensive. both of ours are far...v.v If I ever get back into necklace making, I'm going to buy (different colored) crystal beads and clear crystal quartz pendants and start making chakra necklaces. :dance:

omg that'd be so awesome! I'd truly appreciate it. I don't know what I'd want on it tho. If I ever think of something I'll let ya know! :D Thankies!
Ah, bummer. And yeah....expensive, lol. Our closer one is only like 25 mins away, so pretty nice. The Michael's is more like 45 mins not too bad, but still...Ohh, you totally should! I wanna see you make some necklaces! lol Chakra necklaces are cool. (my friend and I wanted to get this one once, but it was SO expensive O-O)

HOLY CARP! I just saw a squirrel run across my yard like 5 feet away from my door, lol. My doggy ain't doin' his job! lol Sorry, random.

Lol, k, if you ever get an idea, either note me or..umm....just send a comment to my main page or somethin', lol. I've got a couple raccoon skulls that need cleaning right now that maybe I could get into a dream catcher (since they aren't too much bigger than a skunk's). But I'd need to know what size ring (small, medium, large, or "holy crud, how big is tat thing?!" my gallery the star one and Zhon's dream catchers are smalls, the two "elemental" dream catchers are mediums. I dunno the dimensions of the small, but the medium's diameter is about 8 inches.), or if you'd want a willow-branch ring (WAY more brittle, and won't be a perfect circle), what color ring (for leather wrapping...currently I only have green, red, blue, a white-grey, and maybe mismatched browns), what kind/colored beads you'd want in the web (IF you have a preference that is...or you could just tell me your favorite colors and such), if you'd want any special charms (or if you have one you want to send to me, that'd be great!), if you'd want any dead animal extras, lol (ask for whatever you want, and I'll tell you if it's possible), and what kind/color feathers you'd want.

Though you can also be really vague. Morokko just said that she likes the colors black and red, and wolves and ravens. So yeah...but it's all your choice, and more defined will get it closer to how you want (well...maybe, lol).
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